My name is Dr. Ellen Davis. I am a licensed psychologist who exclusively treats anorexia and other eating conditions in children through young adults. I have had my own practice in the suburbs of Philadelphia for the last 15 years called Woodland Forge (www.woodlandforge.com). I created a unique program – a type of family intensive outpatient program or IOP – where families come here for a week and learn to re-feed their anorexic loved ones. My interventions rely heavily upon family based treatment (FBT or the Maudsley Method), behavioral principles, and plain old wisdom. 

There are many eating disorder blogs out there that are focused on recovery. Some focus on the treatment beliefs and methods of FBT, some on other types of thinking as well. I wanted to create a blog that spans the wisdom across these modalities and specifically highlights my thoughts on the differences between where many eating disorder patients are – “in recovery” – and where I believe most of them can be – “fully recovered”.

Thank you for checking this blog out and I hope you find something inspiring along the way! I would also love to hear from you!

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